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Classic Car Loans

Low fixed rates and up to 7 years financing for classic cars.

Get the same low classic-car loan rate, even on longer terms

Unlike other lenders, Star One offers you the same rate you qualify for regardless of the term you select.

Classic-Car Loan Rates

Annual Percentage Rate Range



- 7.89

% *

Monthly payment: $13.62 - $15.54 per $1,000, Fixed rate, 7 years maximum term

Classic-Car Loan Payment Calculator

How much do you need to borrow?

Apply your credit rating:

Select repayment term (years):


5-Year Auto Loan

$20,000: Excellent Credit*


$XXX monthly payment
over 60 months

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Compare Other Car Loan Payments

  • Financing for classic cars listed in the Cars of Particular Interest Price Guide (CPI)
  • Up to 80% financing** of the average CPI value (excludes tax and license)
  • Up to 7 years financing for classic cars
  • Fixed interest rate

Quick car financing and preapproval

  • Members and non-members. Apply for a Star One car loan online for an instant preapproval.

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Browse more automobiles

  • More quality cars are available at competitive prices on our AutoSMART web site.

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Monthly payments may vary slightly from those quoted due to rounding.

* The APR reflected in this payment example is an estimate. Your APR will be based on your credit score upon submission of a loan application. Promotional rates do not apply to loan modifications or refinancing of existing Star One loans.

** The amount financed may vary based on final approval conditions.

Get financial protection against many mechanical breakdowns that normally fall outside of the manufacturer's warranty, or which occur after the warranty has expired.

MMPI is available for new and used vehicles. Add-on miles available—up to 105,000 miles on top of current odometer.

What does MMPI cover?

MMPI can cover the costs of many major repairs, such as engine, transmission, drive axle, fuel system, and electrical, just to name a few.

MMPI can also help with 24-hour roadside assistance, rental-vehicle assistance, key-fob replacement, a tire-protection plan, and trip-interruption coverage.

Deductibles per visit are $0 (surcharge applies) or $100 (standard), and three different plans are offered: Select, Deluxe and Ultimate.

View more details in our Major Mechanical Protection PDF brochure.

Exclusions and deductibles may apply. Some vehicles are ineligible for MMPI—such as RVs, Subaru WRX, all Porsche and Tesla models, and others. View a list of ineligible vehicles here.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) with PowerBuy covers the difference between your loan balance and the amount your insurance policy would pay out if your vehicle were to be damaged beyond repair ("totaled") or stolen and never recovered. Your insurance policy will pay you the cash value of the vehicle, while GAP coverage is paid when the loan balance is higher than the vehicle's actual cash value paid by your insurer.

In addition, with PowerBuy, you may be eligible for up to $6000 toward the financing of a replacement vehicle (autos and motorcycles) if the vehicle is financed through the Credit Union within 90 days of settlement. See our GAP PowerBuy PDF brochure.

For boats and recreational vehicles, the benefit is up to $1000 toward the financing of a replacement vessel/vehicle if the vehicle is financed through the credit union within 90 days of settlement.

View our Guaranteed Asset Protection PDF brochure.

Protection Benefits

  • Protects your credit rating
  • Eliminates or reduces out-of-pocket expenses for the remaining loan balance after a loss settlement
  • You may purchase a replacement vehicle sooner because there is little or no carry-over balance
  • Maximum benefit:
    • Motorcycles: $50,000
    • Automobiles: $100,000
    • RVs and boats: $125,000
  • May be purchased up to one year from effective date of loan

Exclusions and deductibles may apply.

Protect your loan with Credit Life and Disability Insurance—available for vehicle loans, personal loans and lines, and share-secured loans.

Even if you have life insurance, other unfortunate circumstances could impact your monthly income. Having the peace of mind that your loan payment will be made, should you become disabled due to injury or illness, is worth the minimal cost added to your loan payment.

View our Credit Life and Disability PDF brochure.

Maximum Coverage Limits

Level Rate Disability Life
Coverage Amount Unlimited $50,000 per loan
Termination Age 70 70
Coverage Duration 120 months 120 months
Monthly Benefit Amount $750.00 per loan Not applicable

Who is Eligible and How Much Does it Cost?

Level Rate Disability Life
Eligibility Age Under age 70 Under age 70
Working Requirements Actively at work a minimum of 30 hours per week on the loan advance date Not applicable
Single Rate $2.00 per $1,000 per month $0.69 per $1,000 per month
Joint Rate Not applicable $1.16 per $1,000 per month