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About Us

As a member of Star One Credit Union, you are part of one of Silicon Valley's largest, member-owned financial institutions.

Strength and Stability

As a member of Star One Credit Union, you are part of one of Silicon Valley's largest, member-owned financial institutions. Star One offers financial services to more than 98,000 members worldwide. With assets over $9 billion, Star One is ranked tenth in total assets among nearly 6,500 credit unions nationally.

Advantages of a Credit Union

As a member-owned financial institution, we are focused on providing long-term financial solutions to all of our members. As a result, we are able to return our profits back to you in the form of money saving benefits, including:

  • Higher interest on saving accounts
  • Lower interest rates on loans and mortgages
  • Reasonable, if any, fees on products and services like checking, credit cards and real-estate loans.

Our Mission is to help members improve their lives by delivering valuable financial services.

Commitment to the Community

The employees, Board and Volunteers of Star One recognize the importance of contributing to the communities we serve and being a strong corporate citizen.

Star One works directly and indirectly with many different organizations throughout Santa Clara County to support and provide resources. Through direct financial support and other in-kind contributions to worthwhile organizations and by participating in local public service activities, Star One is an active partner with many organizations throughout Santa Clara County.

  • Rick Heldebrant, CEO
  • Gary Rodrigues, President
  • Brian Ross, Executive Vice President - Finance & Administration
  • Richard Aubrey, Senior Vice President - Treasurer
  • Kevin Collins, Senior Vice President - Loan Services
  • Lynn Brubaker, Vice President - Deposit Services
  • Joe Fagenstrom, Vice President - Marketing
  • Koji Fukumoto, Vice President - Internal Audit
  • Russ McAlpine, Vice President - Information Systems
  • Sandra Moix, Vice President - Branch Services
  • Margarete Mucker, Vice President - Remote Services
  • Regina Rutledge, Vice President - Human Resources
  • Ann Sebastian, Vice President - Controller
  • Chris Beer, Senior Information Systems Manager
  • Patricia Gustafson, Senior Accounting Manager
  • Steve Harris, Senior Administration Manager
  • Ed Machado, Senior Information Security Manager
  • Cheryl Roy, Senior Card Services Manager
  • Kathy Sullivan, Senior Loan Services Manager
  • Ranay Allred, Support Services Manager
  • Jeremy Brush, El Camino Branch Manager
  • Carol Delfino, Blossom Hill Branch Manager
  • Tanya Edwards, Community & Business Development Manager
  • Susanna Fong, Marketing Manager
  • Mike Kamienski, De Anza Branch Manager
  • Shaneel Maharaj, Call Center Manager
  • Ivonne Millan, Consumer Loan Services Manager
  • Kathy Nabarrete, Training & Development Manager
  • Kim Nicholas, Stevens Creek Branch Manager & Big Basin Branch Manager
  • Kori Nicholas, Enterprise Branch Manager
  • Safal Panicker, Asset Liability Manager
  • Ed Pardini, Account Services Manager
  • Rena Schaut, Human Resources Manager
  • Fred Shuherk, Web Services Manager
  • Victoria Tabler, Real Estate Loan Services Manager

The credit union community is unique. Member owned and operated, only credit union members may volunteer to become a part of the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee. This volunteer structure sets us apart from other types of financial institutions, and helps to ensure the financial stability and soundness of the credit union. Board and Supervisory Committee members commit a significant amount of personal time and effort to ensure the continued success of Star One, and are the embodiment of dedication and hard work.

Star One's Board of Directors is comprised of nine members. Directors are responsible to oversee and direct the corporate activities. Board Members are elected by Star One Credit Union members at our Annual Meeting and serve staggered three-year terms as volunteers. Many of our Board members have long-term relationships with the credit union as members and have held various positions on the Board and/or Supervisory Committee.

Star One's Supervisory Committees' primary responsibility is to assure that the credit union operates in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and Department of Business Oversight (DBO) in addition to other regulators, that internal controls are established and effectively maintained, and that the Board of Directors' plans, policies and procedures are properly administered. The committee helps to protect the interests of Star One members by ensuring that the credit union operates in a safe and sound manner. Supervisory Committee members are also elected by members and serve three-year terms.

Star One Credit Union has Board/Supervisory Committee Associate members. The Board of Directors approves Associate members for a one-year period. Associate members provide a pool of potential Board or Supervisory Committee members for consideration at a later date.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to help members improve their lives by delivering valuable financial services.

Star One's Board of Directors

  • Doug Flowe - Chair
  • David Daggett - 1st Vice Chair
  • Jeff Gaut - 2nd Vice Chair and Assistant Treasurer
  • Scott Dunlap - Treasurer
  • Richard Aochi - Secretary
  • Bruce Bachant - Assistant Secretary
  • Martin Eng - Director
  • Patricia Humecke - Director
  • Leslie Varr - Director
  • Gae Adams - Emeritus Director
  • Bill Lewis - Emeritus Director
  • Jack McElravey - Emeritus Director

Star One's Supervisory Committee

  • Christina Goeas - Chair
  • Melissa Henck - Secretary
  • Ponprom (Mel) Flynn - Member
  • Triny Lee - Member
  • Cyrus Tabari - Member

Board/Supervisory Committee Associates

  • Bernard Barlow
  • Brian Lawler
  • Frank Sowin, Jr.

Star One Credit Union


$ 4,393,267,817
TOTAL OTHER ASSETS $        94,924,402
TOTAL ASSETS $ 9,002,377,498
TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 2,089,508,105
TOTAL DEPOSITS $ 6,015,200,019
TOTAL NET EQUITY $     897,669,374

More complete financial reports are available for prior quarterly periods at the NCUA Web site. The Star One charter number is 68465; it is used to access NCUA reports.

Star One Credit Union (and other federally insured credit unions) file a periodic call report with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) is the federal fund created by Congress in 1970 to insure member's deposits in credit unions. Administered by the NCUA, the NCUSIF is backed by the "full faith and credit" of the U.S. Government.

At the NCUA Web site, you can click on their link to "Research a Credit Union (Find a Credit Union)" Follow the links to "Go To Research a Credit Union" This will allow you to view Call Reports or Financial Performance Reports (FPR) online.

You can also click on the NCUA website link to "Financial Performance Reports". This will allow you to view online a 2-page FPR summary for a credit union. One page is the Financial Summary and one page is the Ratio Analysis.

As of period ending June 30, 2016, Star One received its 104th consecutive quarter of superior (5 star) performance from Bauerfinancial Inc. You can learn more about Star One's, and other Credit Union's "Star Ratings," on the Bauerfinancial site.

Star One's Annual Reports

The Star One family of staff, friends, volunteers, and members are involved in many different events that support organizations throughout the Silicon Valley. From local walking events that raise money to support walking trails and health-related events, to helping homeless and underprivileged families, the Star One team remains committed to helping others.

2016 Team Community Events

  • Alzheimer's Association - Walk to End Alzheimer's
  • American Cancer Society – Golf Tournament
  • American Diabetes Association – Silicon Valley Tour de Cure
  • Autism Speaks – Walk Now for Autism Speaks
  • Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.: Golf Tournament
  • Family Giving Tree: Back-to-School Warehouse
  • Friends of Stevens Creek – 22nd Annual Trailblazer Race
  • HEALTH Trust - Meals on Wheels: Star One Bowl-A-Thon
  • Second Harvest Food Bank: Holiday Food Sorting Warehouse

Chamber of Commerce Support

Management staff supports and participates in nine Chamber of Commerce's within Santa Clara County by attending after hours networking mixers, business expos and events on a monthly basis.

  • Campbell Chamber of Commerce
    • Hosted the Campbell, Saratoga, & Hispanic Tri-Mixer at our Blossom Hill Branch (August 2016)
    • Campbell Golf Tournament—Birdie Sponsor (August 2016)
  • Cupertino Chamber of Commerce
    • Cupertino “Bay Area Diwali Festival of Lights”—Silver Sponsor (October 2016)
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley
    • Hosted the Hispanic Chamber Mixer at our Stevens Creek Branch (June 2016)
    • Hosted the Hispanic, Campbell, & Saratoga Tri-Mixer at our Blossom Hill Branch (August 2016)
  • Los Altos Chamber of Commerce
    • Los Altos Art & Wine Festival—Sponsor (July 2016)
  • Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce
  • Mountain View Chamber of Commerce
    • Mountain View Art & Wine Festival—Wine Glass Sponsor (September 2016)
  • Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce
  • San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce
  • Saratoga Chamber of Commerce
    • Hosted the Saratoga, Campbell, & Hispanic Tri-Mixer at our Blossom Hill Branch (August 2016)
    • Hosted the Ribbon Cutting Celebration at our new Big Basin Branch (October 2016)
    • Saratoga’s 60th Anniversary Hometown Parade –Sponsor (September 2016)
    • Saratoga Brews & Blues Festival – Sponsor (September 2016)
    • Saratoga Holiday Wine Stroll – Sponsor (November 2016)
  • Sunnyvale Chamber of Commerce
    • Sunnyvale Murphy Awards Dinner—Sponsor (February 2016)
    • Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival – Wine Glass Sponsor (June 2016)
    • Exhibitor - Connect with Sunnyvale Business Expo at Net App (August 2016)
    • Exhibitor - Connect with Sunnyvale Business Expo at Juniper Networks (August 2016)
    • Exhibitor - Connect with Sunnyvale Business Expo at Lockheed (August 2016)

Leadership Sunnyvale

Since 2008, Star One has sponsored and hosted the "Business Day" class for Leadership Sunnyvale. Leadership Sunnyvale provides participants in the Sunnyvale community the tools, knowledge and relationships to make a difference in their community. They learn how local governments and non-profits work together to provide essential services and leadership to their citizens. They are supported through an alliance of civic, educational, business and government organizations within the Silicon Valley region.

Star One contributes to many different organizations throughout Santa Clara County. We look for organizations that work to improve the lives of people throughout our service area.

  • ALS Association - Golden West Chapter
  • Alzheimer's Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • American Heart Association
  • Assistance League of San Jose
  • Autism Speaks
  • Bay Area Cancer Connection
  • Blossom Birth Services
  • Breathe California of the Bay Area
  • Cake4Kids
  • Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America Inc.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc.
  • Cancer CAREpoint Citizen Schools
  • Employment & Community Options
  • Family Giving Tree
  • Family Supportive Housing, Inc.
  • FLY - Fresh Lifelines for Youth
  • Friends of Stevens Creek Trail
  • Happy Hollow Park & Zoo
  • Health Trust - Meals on Wheels
  • HomeFirst - Programs for Veterans
  • Humane Society Silicon Valley
  • Jacob's Heart
  • Live Oak Adult Day Services
  • Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health
  • Lupus Foundation
  • Morgan Autism Center
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • Nephcure Kidney International
  • Nike Animal Rescue Foundation
  • Iron Construction - Operation: Care and Comfort
  • Organ's R Us
  • San Jose Day Nursery
  • Sacred Heart Community Services
  • Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Silicon Valley FACES
  • Special Olympics Silicon Valley
  • Stanford University Prostate Cancer Research
  • Stroke Awareness Foundation
  • Sunday Friends
  • Sunnyvale Community Services
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Toys for Tots
  • VMC Foundation
  • West Valley Community Services

From the young to the young at heart, Star One is helping to make the communities we serve a better place to live and work. Through our Elder Financial Abuse Program to our Internship Program for the young adults just starting out, Star One provides resources and support for a wide array of programs and services. With government funding being reduced in many areas throughout Santa Clara County and cities we serve, there is a real need for companies like Star One to step in and assist families.

Financial Education Program

Star One is sponsoring Everfi's financial education program in five local high schools in Santa Clara County. Everfi is an award-winning, web-based course that uses video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars and social networking to bring financial concepts to life for today's digital generation. Course curriculum aligns with both state and national financial literacy standards and Common Core State Math Standards. The Financial Education Program will provide valuable knowledge and skills to help high school students develop a secure financial future from nine interactive modules: Savings, Banking, Payment Types, Credit Scores, Higher Education, Renting vs. Owning, Insurance & Taxes, Consumer Protection, & Investing.

Elder Financial Abuse Prevention
With the explosion of our elderly population, experts are calling elder financial abuse "the crime of the 21st century" As a result, Star One has joined the fight to protect our aging members. Working closely with the Santa Clara County Department of Aging and Adult Protective Services (APS) for years, Star One became a role model for other institutions in reporting suspected and known elder financial abuse. Star One is an active supporter of the Elder Financial Prevention Network (EFPN) dedicated to the prevention of elder financial abuse through community education, public awareness campaigns and professional training. As a result of such efforts, financial crimes have been averted, saving potential victims hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Star One's Beneficiary and Retiree Services (BRS) Team
For over 25 years, Star One's Beneficiary and Retiree Services Team has been committed to providing service and assistance to survivors and beneficiaries of deceased members. Over the years, the group's efforts have expanded to include educating members, staff and the community about early detection, prevention and dealing with suspected or known elder financial abuse. Star One has sponsored no cost workshops on Identity Theft Prevention for local seniors, their families and caretakers.

Internship Program
Star One's Internship Program is another example of Star One's support within its local community. The program provides a valuable opportunity for higher education students to complement their formal education with practical, career related experience.

IRS VITA Program
Since 2008 Star One has committed resources and personnel providing office space, equipment and marketing materials to support the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program offered through the Internal Revenue Service. In support of the program, the Credit Union makes available staff and several of its branches to provide free tax assistance to those with low-to-moderate income who are unable to file their own tax returns. Members have also volunteered to train with the IRS to assist in this important program. Since Star One began participating in the program, the number of completed filed applications per year has consistently exceeded target goals established by the IRS.

Student Loan Program
In 2008 Star One began offering private student loans to help fill the gap caused by lenders discontinuing their programs. The low-rate, no-fee program has been well received by members, evidenced by strong loan growth since the program launch. Star One offers private student loans to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Let us help you navigate the sometimes-difficult decisions associated with managing and building a strong financial base of knowledge!

Star One sponsors many types of workshops throughout the year from financial success and budgeting to planning for college and retirement.

  • Home Buying
  • How to Prepare, Pay and Stay in College
  • Financial Literacy for Recent Graduates
  • Drive Away Happy
  • Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Using Credit Cards Wisely Solutions
  • Age Well, Plan Well
  • Moving your Retirement Dollars - IRAs & 401(k)s

The workshops are free to members and non-members. Registration is required.

Attend our upcoming workshops and webinars.

Star One was recently featured in the Consumer Reports' Bank And Credit Union Buying Guide.

The 2014 Banking Survey by Consumer Reports subscribers was based on customer satisfaction and banking experience.

Star One named top credit union by CUNA four years in a row

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) honored Star One with the Member Benefits Top Performance Award for providing the highest direct financial benefits to members for the fourth consecutive year.

Every year, CUNA calculates the average overall savings each credit union provides by evaluating their individual deposit yields, loan interest rates, and fees.

According to CUNA’s analysis, Star One provided a direct benefit of $1,386 per member household annually—$675 more than the next highest credit union. Total benefits delivered to all Star One members were $69,833,298, which was the highest ever reported by Star One or any other credit union.

Star One is proud to be recognized for the value we bring to our members, and it is our commitment to deliver more valuable services to you. Thank you for the opportunity to let us serve your financial needs.

Through consistent hard work and persistent focus on helping members and the communities we serve, Star One has received many prestigious awards over the years. Our awards range from financial safety and soundness to community involvement. By providing sound financial services that improve the lives of our members, working to be a strong corporate citizen and contributing to local organizations, Star One is helping to make Santa Clara County a better place to live, work and play.

Corporate Philanthropists Award 2014-2015

Gary Rodrigues, Executive Vice President Operations, accepts the 2015 Corporate Philanthropists Award.

Sandra Moix, Vice President Branch Services, accepts the 2014 Corporate Philanthropists Award.

Star One received the Corporate Philanthropists Award at the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropic Awards dinner in 2016 for the second consecutive year and was recognized as one of the 50 leading supporters of Silicon Valley’s nonprofit organizations.

Star One Credit Union is proud to be affiliated with the surrounding community. In addition to providing quality financial products and services to members who live, work or attend school in the area, Star One makes a commitment each year to be a positive force through sponsorships, volunteerism and donations to various programs and organizations.

Star One and its employees directly contribute time, money, and in-kind donations to programs like the Alzheimer's Association, Autism Speaks, Second Harvest Food Bank, Cake4Kids, Family Giving Tree, The Health Trust Meals On Wheels, Hope Services, Lucile Packard Children’s Fund, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Silicon Valley Faces, Humane Society Silicon Valley and so much more.

Bauer Financial, Inc.
Star One was recognized by Bauer Financial, Inc. and awarded "Superior," their highest rating, for over 84 consecutive quarters.

The nation's leading independent bank and credit union rating and research firm, has been analyzing and reporting on the financial condition of the nation's banking industry since 1983. Financial institutions cannot pay for ratings, and cannot avoid being evaluated by Bauer Financial, Inc.

IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. "Superior"
Star One was awarded the highest financial rating by IDC Financial Publishing, Inc.

IDC ranks credit unions using its proprietary methodology and regulatory reports submitted to the federal government. The "Credit Union Financial Profiles" identifies several financial ratios, assigns a weight factor to each based on its relative importance to the health of the institution, and then combines the overall view into a numeric summary rank. IDC has a remarkable track record of being able to identify deteriorating or improving performance many months, and sometimes years, before it becomes apparent to less-sophisticated ranking companies.

Weiss Ratings "Excellent"
Star One received the highest financial rating of A+ by Weiss Ratings.

For more than 20 years, Weiss Ratings has had an unparalleled track record warning of the weaknesses of hundreds of insurance companies and financial institutions that subsequently failed. Weiss Ratings strives for fairness and objectivity in its ratings and analyses, ensuring that each company receives the rating that most accurately depicts its ability to deal with severe economic adversity. Weiss Ratings accepts no payments for its ratings from rated institutions.

Visionary Leadership Award
At the 6th Annual Call to Action Conference of the Elder Financial Protection Network (EFPN) held in 2009, Star One Credit Union was conferred the Visionary Leadership Award for its ongoing efforts to protect the aged from financial abuse. Following receipt of the award, Star One's President & CEO Rick Heldebrant noted, "Star One Credit Union remains committed to raising awareness within our community about elder financial abuse. Our commitment to this imperative is especially relevant given the current economic environment. We believe education and awareness leads to prevention and are powerful tools in the fight against this crime. As a Credit Union we value our unique position within the community we serve and take seriously our commitment to educate others on ways to avoid financial exploitation and loss." Star One remains an active supporter of EFPN's dedication to the prevention of elder financial abuse through community education, public awareness campaigns and professional training.

Abby Award
Arts Council Silicon Valley awarded Star One Credit Union an ABBY Award at the 2008 Silicon Valley Arts & Business Awards Luncheon for our Small Business Support.

Star One was nominated by American Musical Theatre, San Jose (AMTSJ) for sustained general operating funds and for fully funding AMTSJ's High School HONORS, the Company's program for training and mentoring young musical theatre performers and technicians.

Operation Care & Comfort
Rick Heldebrant, President and CEO of Star One Credit Union, accepted on behalf of Star One an American Flag that was flown over A1 Faw Palace, Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq during "Operation New Dawn" in 2010. The American Flag was given in recognition for Star One's commitment and dedication to the service men & women of United States forces - Iraq. On behalf of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, & Marines they thanked Star One for their continued support of the troops.

The Lockheed Missile Employees Federal Credit Union was chartered in October 1956 to serve employees of the new Lockheed Missiles and Space Division in Sunnyvale, California. Our doors opened in January 1957 when 1,350 member accounts were transferred from the Lockheed Aircraft Employees Federal Credit Union in Burbank.

  • We moved to our Sunnyvale (then 166 8th Avenue) location in September 1969, and in 1971 became one of the first federal credit unions to qualify for federal share (deposit) insurance. By the end of 1971 we had 22,225 members, total assets of $92 million, and total loans of $58 million.

  • By 1980 we had our own in-house computer system, enabling Star One to become a full-service financial institution. Over the next few years we introduced share draft (checking) accounts, credit and home-equity lines, IRAs, Certificate accounts, longer-term first mortgage loans, ATMs, Touchtone Teller service and VISA credit cards.

  • On our 25th anniversary in 1981, our name was changed from Lockheed Missiles Employees Federal Credit Union to LMSC Federal Credit Union and our Austin, Texas branch opened in September 1982. In December, our assets reached $200 million. At year-end 1985, assets were $435 million, loans were $217 million and we had 43,153 members.

  • In 1986 we nearly doubled the size of our Sunnyvale office building. A short time later we introduced VISA Gold credit cards and expanded ATM service. In 1993 the Board changed our field of membership, allowing the Credit Union to provide membership to Select Employee Groups (SEGs) outside the Lockheed Martin community.

  • In 1995 we changed our name from LMSC Federal Credit Union to Star One Federal Credit Union. Assets surpassed $1 billion for the first time. In 1996 we introduced Online Banking via the Internet. By the end of 1998, assets were $1.6 billion, loans were $408 million and we had 55,632 members. In 2001 we became state chartered, and our name formally changed to Star One Credit Union.

  • In 2002, our Austin branch celebrated its 20th anniversary. In addition, the need for more space in Sunnyvale was finally solved with the purchase of our Administrative Building.

  • In 2003, we opened our De Anza Branch in Cupertino, California. In April 2004 we introduced Bill Pay within the Online Banking interface.

  • In 2006 we celebrated our 50th anniversary, with Star One growing into the largest credit union based in Santa Clara County and the 17th largest in the nation. We had more than 72,000 members worldwide. At this time we also opened our San Jose branch on Blossom Hill Road, while closing our branch in Austin.

  • We continued our new branching effort in 2007 with the opening of the El Camino Branch in Palo Alto, California and in 2008 relocated the 8th Avenue branch to Enterprise Way and relocated many employees to our Administrative Building. Now with four retail branches throughout Santa Clara County, our ATM and Shared Branch networks nationwide, as well as full-service Online Banking, Star One members can access their accounts easily and conveniently.

  • In 2010 we opened our fifth branch! The San Jose - Stevens Creek branch is located at 3136 Stevens Creek Blvd, just around the corner from Santana Row.

  • Autumn 2016 brought the opening of our sixth branch, this time on Big Basin Way (Highway 9) in historic downtown Saratoga, California.

Today, Star One Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with assets exceeding 9 billion and more than 98,000 members.

The information contained in the Star One Credit Union web site is intended to summarize our products and services. It is not a complete disclosure of all terms and conditions. For complete information and disclosure please contact Star One Credit Union directly.