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No fee when you buy Star One Visa Gift Cards!

Happy Holidays! Until January 1, pay no fee when you buy Visa Gift Cards—a $3.95 savings.

Buy a $10 gift card, a $100 Visa gift card, a $1000 gift card, or a gift card for any amount!

Beware of fraudulent Google ads!

An ad that appeared recently in some Google searches for "Star One Credit Union" turned out to be a link to a fake website that copied the exact appearance of the Star One home page.

The fake website intended to trick Star One members into entering their Online Banking user name and password. After receiving that information, the website operators could themselves log in on the real website and steal money from the members' accounts.

We encourage members to simply type "" in the address bar of their web browser—instead of relying on search engines or online links to find the Star One website.

Learn more on avoiding online scams and fraud.

Read our Fall Newsletter!

Fall is in the air and our latest newsletter is now online.

Disaster-Assistance Loans

Star One members financially impacted by wildfires may be eligible for special disaster-assistance loans.

Star One's Mortgage Rate Modification Program Highlighted by Wall Street Journal

Star One has been helping members save money for over 20 years through a unique mortgage rate modification program that can easily lower the interest rate on a mortgage loan when interest rates drop.

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses mortgage loan modification programs at several financial institutions—including the program available to all Star One members for a low fee.

Read the complete Wall Street Journal article.

Six years in a row! Star One ranked #1 by CUNA

Once again, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) honored Star One with the Member Benefits Performance Award for providing the highest direct financial benefits to its members.

CUNA estimated that Star One provides $147,666,735 in direct financial benefits to its members during the twelve months ending March 2019. These benefits are equivalent to $3,005, the highest benefits ever reported, per member household. CUNA also added, since these benefits are calculated as averages, loyal members who use the credit union extensively often receive total financial benefits that are much greater than these averages.

Learn more about what makes Star One one of the best credit unions.

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Star One ranked #1 by the Credit Union National Association six years in a row

Once again, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) honored Star One with the Member Benefits Performance Award for providing the highest direct financial benefits to its members.

CUNA estimated that Star One provides $147,666,735 in direct financial benefits to its members during the twelve months ending March 2019. These benefits are equivalent to $3,005, the highest benefits ever reported, per member household. CUNA also added, since these benefits are calculated as averages, loyal members who use the credit union extensively often receive total financial benefits that are much greater than these averages.

We strive to deliver more valuable services to you every day. Thank you for the opportunity to let us serve your financial needs.

Through consistent hard work and persistent focus on helping members and the communities we serve, Star One has received many prestigious awards over the years. Our awards range from financial safety and soundness to community involvement. By providing sound financial services that improve the lives of our members, working to be a strong corporate citizen and contributing to local organizations, Star One is helping to make Santa Clara County a better place to live, work and play.

Forbes listed Star One as one of the Top Credit Union

Forbes published their first Best Banks and Credit Unions in Every State list and included Star One as one of the top credit unions.

The list recognized 145 of the 5,750 credit unions in the United States for member satisfaction, willingness to recommend, trust, terms and conditions, branch services, digital services and financial advice. The list is based on opinion surveys of 25,000 members/customers on their current and former banking relationships.

Corporate Philanthropists Award 2014-2018

For the fourth consecutive year, Star One was recognized as one of the 50 leading supporters of Silicon Valley’s nonprofit organizations. Star One received the 2018 Corporate Philanthropists Award at the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropic Awards dinner.

Star One also made The San Francisco Business Times Top 100 Corporate Philanthropists list based on cash contributions to Bay Area charities and organizations in 2018.

Star One Credit Union is proud to be affiliated with the surrounding community. In addition to providing quality financial products and services to members who live, work or attend school in the area, Star One makes a commitment each year to be a positive force through sponsorships, volunteerism and donations to various programs and organizations.

Star One and its employees directly contribute time, money, and in-kind donations to programs like the Alzheimer's Association, Autism Speaks, Second Harvest Food Bank, Cake4Kids, Family Giving Tree, The Health Trust Meals On Wheels, Hope Services, Lucile Packard Children’s Fund, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Silicon Valley Faces, Humane Society Silicon Valley and so much more.

Bauer Financial, Inc.
Star One was recognized by Bauer Financial, Inc. and awarded "Superior," their highest rating, for over 120 consecutive quarters.

The nation's leading independent bank and credit union rating and research firm, has been analyzing and reporting on the financial condition of the nation's banking industry since 1983. Financial institutions cannot pay for ratings, and cannot avoid being evaluated by Bauer Financial, Inc.

IDC Financial Publishing, Inc. "Superior"
Star One was awarded the highest financial rating by IDC Financial Publishing, Inc.

IDC ranks credit unions using its proprietary methodology and regulatory reports submitted to the federal government. The "Credit Union Financial Profiles" identifies several financial ratios, assigns a weight factor to each based on its relative importance to the health of the institution, and then combines the overall view into a numeric summary rank. IDC has a remarkable track record of being able to identify deteriorating or improving performance many months, and sometimes years, before it becomes apparent to less-sophisticated ranking companies.

Weiss Ratings "Excellent"
Star One received the highest financial rating of A+ by Weiss Ratings.

For more than 20 years, Weiss Ratings has had an unparalleled track record warning of the weaknesses of hundreds of insurance companies and financial institutions that subsequently failed. Weiss Ratings strives for fairness and objectivity in its ratings and analyses, ensuring that each company receives the rating that most accurately depicts its ability to deal with severe economic adversity. Weiss Ratings accepts no payments for its ratings from rated institutions.

Visionary Leadership Award
At the 6th Annual Call to Action Conference of the Elder Financial Protection Network (EFPN) held in 2009, Star One Credit Union was conferred the Visionary Leadership Award for its ongoing efforts to protect the aged from financial abuse. Following receipt of the award, Star One's President & CEO Rick Heldebrant noted, "Star One Credit Union remains committed to raising awareness within our community about elder financial abuse. Our commitment to this imperative is especially relevant given the current economic environment. We believe education and awareness leads to prevention and are powerful tools in the fight against this crime. As a Credit Union we value our unique position within the community we serve and take seriously our commitment to educate others on ways to avoid financial exploitation and loss." Star One remains an active supporter of EFPN's dedication to the prevention of elder financial abuse through community education, public awareness campaigns and professional training.

Abby Award
Arts Council Silicon Valley awarded Star One Credit Union an ABBY Award at the 2008 Silicon Valley Arts & Business Awards Luncheon for our Small Business Support.

Star One was nominated by American Musical Theatre, San Jose (AMTSJ) for sustained general operating funds and for fully funding AMTSJ's High School HONORS, the Company's program for training and mentoring young musical theatre performers and technicians.

Operation Care & Comfort
Rick Heldebrant, President and CEO of Star One Credit Union, accepted on behalf of Star One an American Flag that was flown over A1 Faw Palace, Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq during "Operation New Dawn" in 2010. The American Flag was given in recognition for Star One's commitment and dedication to the service men & women of United States forces - Iraq. On behalf of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, & Marines they thanked Star One for their continued support of the troops.


FAFSA: The Key to Unlocking Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a government form that streamlines the financial aid process, which can help reduce your student loan burden. This workshop covers FAFSA basics, as well as provides insight into the application process, how to complete the FAFSA online, federal requirements, and receiving and maintaining federal financial aid.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 5:30 PM–6:30 PM PDT
Register now for "FAFSA: The Key to Unlocking Financial Aid."

Federal vs. Private Student Loans

This workshop explains key differences between federal and private student loans, and compares eligibility, interest rates, repayment plans and more. Participants will learn how to choose the option that best suits their needs.

Thursday, January 14, 2021 5:30 PM–6:30 PM PDT
Register now for "Federal vs. Private Student Loans."


Breezing Through the Holidays

It may be called "the most wonderful time of the year," but December can also be filled with unwanted debt with holiday spending. Learn budgeting strategies and tactics to avoid that year-end credit-card crunch and sidestep debt traps in the future.

Using Credit Cards Wisely

A credit card can be a valuable financial tool. However, before racking up big charges on multiple cards, participants should learn smart ways to handle their credit cards and take a disciplined approach.

Download the recording of the "Using Credit Cards Wisely" webinar.

Understanding Credit

Credit: Many want it but how do you get it? This session covers all aspects of becoming an educated credit consumer, including how lenders evaluate for credit approval, factors that impact credit qualification, how credit scoring works, and ways money management today impacts credit standing tomorrow.

Download the recording of the "Understanding Credit" webinar.

Family Money Matters

In times of crisis, we are reminded that family is important and so is money management. However, talking about family finances can be uncomfortable even in the best of times. In this webinar, families are encouraged to take extra time together to address their current financial situation and plan for the future. This webinar will provide education and insight on overcoming unexpected events, coping with loss, and will encourage meaningful conversations about family money matters as we establish a new normal.

Download the recording of the "Family Money Matters" webinar.

Managing Finances During COVID-19

You have questions, we have answers! From the comfort of home, join us live online. Because a little information could make a big difference! Attendees will learn about getting by on a reduced income, unemployment benefits, available resources and programs, scams to watch out for, and more! We have the information you need to manage your finances during COVID-19.

Download the recording of the "Managing Finances During COVID-19" webinar.

Financial First Aid

A financial crisis can throw even the best money management plan into chaos. This session focuses on ways to gain control of a crisis. Participants will learn about financial assessments, expense prioritization, and effective negotiation with creditors.

Download the recording of the "Financial First Aid" webinar.

Digital Financial Services

Technology has made managing your money much more convenient. Whether it's opening and managing accounts, transferring money or billpay, you'll learn the fundamentals of electronic banking.

Download the recording of the "Digital Financial Services" webinar.

Teens and Money

Young adults are primed to soak in new information. It's a great time to guide them to money management techniques that can last a lifetime. Attendees will learn managing money effectively, preparing for common upcoming bills, opening checking and savings accounts, establishing credit (and use it wisely), and looking at investing options.

Download the recording of the "Teens and Money" webinar.

30 Ways to Trim Your Budget

Stretching your budget is a necessary step to achieving your financial goals. Learn smart ways to save on the things that impact your finances most, such as food, health care, insurance and more.

Download the recording of the "30 Ways to Trim Your Budget" webinar.

Future educational workshops

Postponed while shelter-in-place orders are in effect.

IRA Planning for Your Retirement—Advanced

Workshop presented by Star One Certified IRA Professionals.

*Note that neither Star One nor any of its affiliates give tax advice. Please consult a tax professional for information specific to your situation.

New rescheduled workshop date to be announced soon.

Home Buying

If you are planning to buy your first home or are experienced in home buying and looking for tips, this is the event for you to attend. A real estate agent, appraiser, and title insurance company representative will all be available to provide tips and answer questions.

New rescheduled workshop date to be announced soon.

Age Well, Plan Well—Estate Planning

Learn about estate planning and other helpful ways to prepare for the future. Star One’s Beneficiary Retiree Services team will be on hand with guest speaker Natalie Spiwak, Certified Citadel* Estate Planner, to answer general questions and show how the Credit Union can help you with Estate Planning needs.

New rescheduled workshop date to be announced soon.

Inherited IRAs & Beneficiary Options

Workshop presented by Star One Certified IRA Professionals. Participants will gain a better understanding of what beneficiary options are available to them. We’ll explore who can be the beneficiary of your IRA, what your options are when you inherit an IRA, the rules that can affect your beneficiary options such as:

  • Spouse Beneficiary
  • Non-Spouse Beneficiary
  • Death Before or After Age 70½
  • Trusts and Non-Person Beneficiary

New rescheduled workshop date to be announced soon.

Cyber Security Awareness

This workshop will raise member awareness about the importance of personal cyber security while performing various activities on the Internet. Members will learn recent cyber fraud trends and events as well as obtain various tools, resources and best security practices to stay safe online.

New rescheduled workshop date to be announced soon.

Statement Reminders

Your Star One Statement is now available for online viewing.

  • November 2020 Regular Statement Reminder:
    The security of your personal data and financial information is extremely important to Star One. We want you to be safe. To learn more about how to protect yourself from scammers, please visit the Security page under News & Resources on the Star One website today.
  • November 2020 Visa Statement Reminder:
    Star One is happy to offer contactless cards to you at your card renewal. Contactless cards allow you to quickly and easily pay with a simple tap wherever they are accepted. These cards use the same secure technology as chip cards to protect you, and the card must be placed directly near the reader to process the transaction. Plus, they can still be swiped or inserted if the terminal does not support contactless payments. You will automatically receive your contactless Star One Visa debit or credit card when your current card expires. Once you receive your new contactless card, the expiration date will be 5 years.

For security reasons, we do not include links in our Online Statement email reminder. To view your Online Statements, log into Online Banking, then select "Statements" in the main navigation.

Scheduled Maintenance

Online Banking and Touchtone Teller are normally unavailable for short periods of time for end-of-day processing:

  • Daily (less than 30 minutes) beginning at approximately 6:00 pm.
  • Last business day of the month (less than 30 minutes) beginning at approximately 6:00 pm.

Scam and Fraud Alert

Please remember that Star One employees will never call you to verify or ask for your personal information.

Hang up immediately if someone claiming to be a Star One employee asks for any banking information—such as your Online Banking login information, account numbers, card PINs, or one-time passcodes.

A fraudster may try to reassure you that it's OK to share your information—please hang up, it's not OK.

Several Star One members have received phone calls from a person claiming to be a Star One employee—with a caller ID forged to look like a Star One phone number—and whose goal is to gain access to members' bank accounts online.